The Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI), Malawi, is an independent and autonomous policy think tank established and registered in 2001 under the company limited by guarantee. The organization aims to promote good governance through an interactive approach to policy issues. Over the years, IPI has earned public trust and confidence in influencing public policy by the executive and legislative branches of government, civil society, and the people. IPI has been involved in many critical strategic areas of democracy and development, such as strengthening democratic institutions, policy research, advocacy and grassroots empowerment, promoting unity, dialogue and peace and mitigating conflicts.

IPI’s strength is the interface of academic rigour in its analysis and the access to political actors from the grassroots to the top political level. As follows are some examples of IPIs work and the respective development partners:

Our Mission

To facilitate the evolution of a participatory democracy that upholds the cardinal values of equality and justice – nationally and internationally.

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