Our Work

ActivityDonorOutputImpact Duration
Malawi Draft Land Reform PolicyConcerned citizensHeightened public awareness & debate on salient featuresIncreased dialogue between stakeholders on key areas Jun 01
Surtax BillChamber of CommerceAnalysis (VAT) for Parliamentary Committee on Budget & FinanceRecommendations contained therein were incorporated Jun 01
Blantyre City Rates WorkshopChamber of CommerceBetter relations between City Assembly & Chamber of CommerceSome inherent misunderstandings on city rates were cleared Jul 01
World Trade OrganisationChamber of CommerceMalawi Civil Society Proposals to WTO talks in CancunCoherent cohesion for Malawian Civil Society at WTO talks Oct 01
Anti-dumping LegislationChamber of CommerceTask Force member to scrutinize Malawi’s Anti-dumping lawGrey areas of the law were rectified Oct 01
Extended Surtax Effects Review WorkshopMalawi Government (Min. of Finance)Evaluation of commodity price and revenue effects of SurtaxCreated awareness on
the negative effects of the extended Surtax scheme
Nov 01
Conflict Management SkillsCentre for Conflict ResolutionTraining for Academic & Technical staffReduced conflicts among these stakeholders Sept 02
Right to LivelihoodUNDPProduction of posters, Employment record bookCreated awareness on fair wages and conditions for rural estate workers Jun – Dec 02
Lecture series on ConstitutionalismKonrad Adenauer FoundationPapers for publicationGenerated wide public discussions on the subject & documents that could be used for a Constitutional review process in future. Dec 02 – Jul 03
Building Bridges between Parliament & Civil SocietyGTZ Forum for Dialogue & PeaceA report of proceedings & findings + action plan to implement resolutions.Better understanding and dialogue between M.P.s and all other Stakeholders. A common desire to improve relationships Feb -Oct 03
Election lessons learned from SADC regionGTZ & ACCORD (from S.A.)A report of proceedings & findings + action plan.Greater awareness of the potential for violence in upcoming general elections. Jan 04
Building Bridges between Trade Unions, the State & Employers.Royal Netherlands Consulate + VCPS (a Dutch Trade Union)A report of proceedings Implementation of resolutionsHailed as a milestone in Labour relations in Malawi. Built better understanding and harmony between all stakeholders. Jan 04
Consultation between Trade Unions & National Presidential CandidatesRoyal Netherlands ConsulateQuestions & Dialogue on the need to improve labour rightsImproved understanding & communication between Trade Union and Political Leaders Feb 04
A Citizens’ Guide to the National BudgetWith ECAMA /SOCAM /IDASA, funded by CIDAA simplified manual on National budgetary processes in Parliament.Improved understanding and participation in budgetary consultative processes by the citizenry Apr – Aug 04
2004 General ElectionsCentre for Social ResearchObserved the General ElectionsIssued report on the electoral management May 04
Transforming the Malawi Electoral CommissionMISEREOR  Engaged stakeholders  on anomalies in Electoral lawsIssued report & set up a Task Team that to design a new draft law for tabling in Parliament4-6 Aug 04
Training new M. P. s on National BudgetWith ECAMA & SOCAM funded by CIDATraining new M. P. s on budgetary processesImproved participation in budgetary processes by MPs in Parliament 24-27 Aug 04
Round Table Dinner DebateInstitute of Federalism (Swiss)A discussion between M.P.s & Councillors on contentious issuesImproved rapport, co-operation and resolve to find solutions between the two groups. 29th Oct 04
Right to LivelihoodDemocracy Consolidation Program (DCP)Imparting labour rights to rural masses through song, dance, drama and presentations.Produced Labour Record Cards with Labour legislation featured on the back cover. Oct 04 to date
Constitutional ReviewSelfPrepared paper on constitutional issuesPresentations to various fora with the Law Commission Jan 05 to date
Parliamentary MonitoringInstitute of Federalism (Swiss)Established an observer team in Parliament.Production of reports for parliamentary research and a layman’s “Hansard” April 05 to date
Parliamentary SupportDFIDFacilitated a w/shop for Parliamentary CommitteesProduced an action matrix & a resolution for greater Parliamentary autonomy. July 05
Electoral System reformInternational IDEARepresented Malawi at SADC Parliamentary Forum Conference in BotswanaExpressed civil society perspectives on flaws in majoritarian electoral systems . Sept 05
Electoral ReformElectoral Institute of Southern AfricaPresented an analysis on majoritarian/PR/and semi PR systemsRaised M.P.’s awareness on the options that exist for Malawi’s electoral future. September 05
MTL PrivatisationAction AidFacilitated a meeting of M.P.s and CSOsDisseminated vital info on MTL and sensitised M.P.s on the ramifications of the privatisation Jan 06
Building BridgesSwiss IRCCConvened a meeting between Women’s Parliamentary Caucus and CSO counterpartsEstablished grounds for understanding, tolerance and dialogue between participants Feb 06
Employment RightsDemocracy Consolidation ProgramHeld a meeting of Tea Estate Employers with Labour Officers from Mulanje/ThyoloIntroduced the Employment Record Book, described its usage and convinced them to adopt it March 06
HIV/AIDS Info SurveyPlusNews (Irin)Conducted survey into the dissemination & impact of HIV awareness materials at grassroots and upward sections of society.Collected valuable data and insights into the relevance of current HIV informational materials and the efficacy of methodology used in dissemination. April 06
Constitutional Review ConferenceThe Law CommissionPresentation on sanctity of the ConstitutionRevealed oversights in the Preamble signifying lack of ownership and the need for punitive measures to deter violators. April 06
Employment RightsDemocracy Consolidation ProgramHeld a meeting of Tobacco Estate Employers with Labour Officers from KasunguIntroduced the Employment Record Book, described its usage and convinced them to adopt it July 06
HIV ResearchInstitute for Global DialogueResearchA paper on Strategic Responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic July 06
PresentationSOCAM – ECSAFA ConferencePresented a paper at Sun ‘n Sand – Mangochi“The Collective Role of The Government and Opposition in Ensuring Economic Growth Sept 06
Peace Building ConferenceCSVR – South AfricaParticipated in Regional Peace Builders Conference in JohannesburgDeveloped a cohesive and coherent way forward strategy towards greater regional collaboration. Oct 06
PresentationScotland – Malawi Partnership AGMPresented the key note address in Edinburgh – ScotlandMALAWI -An Overview of the Social, Economic and Political Landscape Nov 06
ParliamentInstitute for Federalism (Swiss)Attended the Parliamentary Session as ObserverPrepared an observer report capturing, in simple language, the nuances that would not appear in the Hansard May 07 To Sept 07
Research & PublicationOSISA/SARWMalawi’s Minerals – Are Malawians benefiting?A situational analysis of Malawi’s mineral wealth and the beneficiaries thereof. June 07
Bill for the Declaration of Assets by Public OfficerMalawi Law CommissionPart of a team to translate the constitutional provisions into legislationAddressed methodology for reportage, widened the scope and presented to the public for inputs on the proposed bill – work in progress Feb 07 To Oct 07
Constitutional ReviewMalawi Law CommissionParticipated in the Constitutional Review ConferenceReviewed recommendations from the Special Task Force and submitted inputs for proposed amendments of the Constitution of Malawi April 07
Kayelekera Uranium Mine ProjectSelf fundedFormed part of the Civ Soc Team to negotiate tangible benefits from the project for the local communityA water treatment plant (US$1.8 million) for 30,000 residents of Karonga;US$1.8 million for development projects to be decided upon by the people of KarongaRenovation and upgrading Karonga aerodrome into and international airport;Upgrading the dirt road from airport to the mine to a fully tarred road.Policy, legislative amendments and effective monitoring by Malawi Government in collaboration with CSOs 
Umunthu ProgramKonrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF)Inculcating participatory democracy at grassroots though drama and public debateSensitised grassroots communities on methodologies to assert their right to demand service entitlements from office bearers. Aug 07 to Dec 07
Civil Society Mining Network of Malawi (CSMNM)Action Aid (Malawi)Attended AGMElected as National Co-ordinating Institution; Drafted MOU Dec 07
Common Approach to Budgetary Support (CABS)DFID (Transport refund only)Attended Donor/ Civil Society consultative meetingExplored ways and means to enhance effectiveness of Donor Aid/support programs in Malawi. March 08
Voter & Civic EducationMalawi Electoral CommissionAccredited by MEC to carry out v & c. e. in the run up to the general elections in 2009Devised a new participatory methodology using drama and interactive debate to convey relevant messages to the electorate. Aug 08 -April 09
Natural Resources  NIZA (Holland)Participated in meeting to form The International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa IANRAThis may be a vital step towards generating a synergistic ‘critical mass’ with enough influence to ward off the impending pillage of Africa’s natural resources. Aug 08
UraniumCommonwealth SecretariatParticipated in drafting special regulations for uranium mining in MalawiRegulations for storage, handing & transportation of uranium – to be appended to our archaic legislation. Dec 08
UraniumDept of MinesParticipated in finalising the special regulations on uranium mining with the Dept. of Mines in Malawi.Finalised and endorsed special regulations on Uranium Jan 09
Election ObservationSelfObserved Malawi’s Presidential & Parliamentary ElectionsMonitored election processes in Blantyre City May 09
Electoral AnalysisEISAConvened Post Electoral Analytical Workshop in collaboration with the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA)Electoral process post mortem with key stakeholders Aug 09
IANRA formationNIZAChaired Steering Committee Meeting of The International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA)Forming a North/South network covering 9 countries to research and advocate for resource justice in Africa Jan 2010
IANRA formationNIZACo- wrote IANRA ConstitutionCo -authored the IANRA constitution Feb 2010
IANRA formationNIZAElected as 1st Chairperson of IANRA by the General Assembly  Feb 2010
Natural ResourcesIDASAPresentation at the Wanderers Club in JohannesburgAnalysis on Mining & Minerals in Malawi at a Meeting on Extractive Industries May 2010
Natural resource TaxationIANRACCo-wrote and delivered the Lusaka Declaration as Chair of IANRA in solidarity with CARITAS Zambia.Mining Taxation Spt 2010
Natural resourcesIANRAPresented report to  the Parliamentary Committee on Natural ResourcesResearched & analysed the World Bank Mining Support Program agreement Jan 2011
Natural resourcesIANRAAttended the Alternate Mining Indaba in Capetown RSA and helped to draft the Civil Society Communique on inequitable Natural Resource Exploitation –Presented to the Chair of the SA Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources as a culmination of a demonstrative March through Capetown (CBD) Feb 2011
EITIMin of FinanceParticipated in the EITI Task Force Meetings held in Lilongwe every monthEncouraging GoM to sign up May 2011
IANRA Convened (IANRA) General Assembly at Salima – Malawi.Presided as Chair June 2011
Democracy & Good governanceCONGOMA/HRCC/IPICo – drafted a Petition entitled ‘Uniting For Peaceful Resistance Against Poor Economic & Democratic Governance -“A Better Malawi Is Possible!” –Presented after a landmark demonstration march that drew overwhelming support and huge international media coverage and began a barrage of death threats. July 2011
Good governance  IPIFormed the Forum for Defence of DemocracyEncompassing Civil Society, Politicians and all Upstanding Democrats to support, augment and maintain pressure during the Dialogue Talks that had begun as a result of the July 20th Demos. Aug 2011
ArsonIPIIPI offices petrol bombedEquipment, furniture and invaluable research archives destroyed Sept 2011
ElectionsIPI/NICEPublished an edited volume on Malawi’s 2014 electionsUsed as reference by various stakeholders 2014 
ElectionsIPI/Michigan UniversityResearch on the cost of politics ( how much do candidates spend on campaign?)Disseminated to stakeholders 2019